Method, an innovative eco-friendly cleaning product company has recently launched a new bottle made, in part, from recovered marine litter. Method has partnered with Envision Plastics in this project that aims to raise awareness of the importance of actively looking for new avenues to tackle environmental probelms and finding new alternatives to using virgin materials. Click on the link below for more information.



Adam Lowry, Chief Greenskeeper and Co-founder of method to blog on Save the Plastics (

Stay tuned over the next two weeks as Adam Lowry, Co-founder of method guest blogs on Save the Plastics. Adam will discuss recent efforts by method and Envision to use plastic waste retrieved from the North Pacific Gyre and recycle it into new products. Rudi Becker, method’s “resinator” (Director of Packaging) will fill in the details of how it was done. We will tweet the posting of each article on Save the Plastics via Twitter