EcoPrime™ Food Grade Recycled HDPE Arrives in Southern California

A crane lowers the EcoPrime vessel through the roof of Envision's Chino California plant

A crane lowers the EcoPrime vessel through the roof of Envision’s Chino California plant

Chino, California – Thursday, June 27, 2013

The final stages of equipment installation are underway at Envision Plastics’ Chino, California operation as a large crane lowered the EcoPrime™ vessel through the roof of the building and into its framework.  The EcoPrime™ vessel is the final component required to allow Envision to produce EcoPrime™, FDA approved food grade recycled HDPE resin on the West coast.

EcoPrime™ is approved for direct food contact in many food and beverage applications under demanding conditions of use.  EcoPrime™ is currently used in packaging for liquid yogurt drinks, cereals, deli foods, nutritional products, food take out containers, personal care products, toys and other products.  It can be used in blow molding, thermoforming, compression molding, film extrusion and some injection molding applications.

Debugging of the equipment and pre-production trials will take place in July.  Production of EcoPrime™ should commence in August.  Stay tuned for more developments.



Thanks Method and Envision Plastics for the Trawl Sponsor


NAG Expedition Crew

Method Home Products is a San Francisco-based company that produces mindful and ecofriendly home cleaning products. Envision Plastics is a creative leader in the reprocessing of recycled plastics. Together the companies created the world’s first plastic bottle out of recycled marine plastic pollution, collected from the North Pacific Gyre, called “Ocean Post Consumer Recycled Plastic.” One purpose of the ocean bottle was to raise awareness with hope that consumers will think about the marine issues related to single use plastics.

Like the bottle, our voyages push those participating (and living vicariously) to think about their personal single use plastic footprint. The voyages also facilitate change makers to discuss solutions while on board the research vessel. Each crew member leaves the voyage with a plethora of information and experiences to bring back to their community with the intension to inspire companies and individuals to reduce their single use plastic footprint.


 Micro plastic pollution typically found in the North Atlantic Gyre sample.

We were honored to have Method and Envision, two leaders in the field, involved in our expedition through sponsorship of one of the 16 scientific trawls that we collected. Each of the 16 trawls that we collected were plastic positive and will help us better understand plastic pollution in North Atlantic Gyre. Micro plastics dominated the samples, as usual, and we hope to raise awareness on the North Atlantic “Garbage Patch” with our research, amazing crew, and sponsors.

Next time, we’d love to bring some of the Method and Envision crew on board with us. Maybe someday soon we can make a North Atlantic Gyre bottle? This way we can emphasize that plastic pollution exists in all of the world’s five gyres.

method_logo_bottles (3)envision logo

Thanks Method and Envision Plastics for the support

Pak-Sher introduces the first and only truly sustainable 100% PCR pop-up interfolded deli/bakery sheets.

We would like to extend our congratulations to Pak-Sher on the launch of their newest green innovation, Envirosheets™. Made 100% from post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR), the revolutionary bakery/deli interfolded, FDA approved sheets provide the same benefits as a virgin poly sheet with the added benefit of sustainability. We admire Pak-Sher’s commitment to developing sustainable products and are proud to take part in the process.

KILGORE, Texas, June 12, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Pak-Sher announced today the launch of Envirosheets™, a revolutionary new bakery/deli interfolded sheet that is produced using 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic), meets FDA guidelines for direct food contact, and is manufactured and packaged at the Pak-Sher plant in Kilgore, TX.  The only product of its kind in the world,  Envirosheets are 100% made from recycled milk jugs.  Pak-Sher credits their unique film manufacturing process for their ability to create a reliable and inexpensive 100% PCR product.  In fact, this product is less expensive than the wax or paper sheets that are prevalent in the current market. 

“This product will be a game changer”, said Paul Gage, President and CEO of Pak-Sher.   “Finally, supermarkets, delis, bakeries, and convenience stores have a truly green product that will help them achieve their sustainability goals AND can improve their bottom line.  Until now, that was a fantasy in the packaging world, but we’ve turned fantasy into reality!”

Envirosheets provide the same benefits as virgin poly sheets:  moisture barrier, microwavable, easy-grab interfolded packaging, and more cost effective than paper or wax, with the added benefit of sustainability.  Every case of Envirosheets is made from 8 to 19 (depending on sheet size) recycled milk jugs that may have otherwise ended up in our landfills.  Envirosheets are just the first in a line of maximized PCR content products Pak-Sher plans to offer.  They plan to continue to bring more sustainable AND economical products to market in the coming year. 

For More Information about Pak-Sher visit:

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Researchers develop method for recycling plastic with printed ink

Researchers at the University of Alicante have developed a new procedure that removes printed ink on plastic films used in flexible packaging getting a product free from ink and suitable for recycling.

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