Envision Blog on Packaging

Envision Blog on Packaging

This blog is in response to an online article posted by Wired.com that first appeared on 2.14.2013.  We publish blog responses to various stories we find interesting.  Any inquiries can be sent by using the Contact page found on this website. 

Last month, an interesting article on Wired magazine’s website caught our attention.  The article, titled “Designing the Packaging-Free Future” by Tim Maly, looks at the problem of excess landfill waste and how some packaging designers are attempting to solve the problem by creating packages free of solid waste, such as plastic. 

The article follows Pratt University master’s student Aaron Mickelson and his packaging line, The Disappearing Package, outlining his goal of ultimately eliminating packaging waste.  As a company whose whole purpose is to recycle plastics, Envision Plastics admires the intent behind Mickelson’s mission of reducing the amount of packaging that finds its way into landfills and worse—our eco-system. 

While we appreciate the sustainable reasoning behind the minimalist packaging movement, we don’t agree that the answer is to get rid of packaging entirely.  Structural packaging, especially high density plastics, has a ton of uses that cannot be replaced by dissolving packages.  Many different objects require a heavy-grade package that is water-proof and able to meet certain safety specifications.  There are multiple uses for plastic containers that cannot simply be replaced by dissolving packages, either for pragmatic or aesthetic reasons.  Simply put, plastic is here to stay.

Here at Envision Plastics, we are able to recycle 100% curb-collected plastic back into its original state and help achieve a healthy material life cycle for many CPG packages.  Moreover, we have developed unique processes, such as our PRISMA color-sorting technology, that save companies money.  Our HDPE resins are a sustainable material that can be recycled and used for new purposes in the same form.  Yes, too many plastic s find their way into landfills, but we are confident that as consumers become more educated about recycling and sustainability that HDPE resin can be a long-term solution in packaging.

We salute Mr. Mickelson’s goals of expanding the conversation on sustainable packaging, but want to make sure that HDPE resin is included in the discussion. 

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