Envision Plastics’ Recycled Resin Pellets Finds New Use at Duluth Children’s Museum

Envision Plastics’ Recycled Resin Pellets Finds New Use at Duluth Children’s Museum   

Reidsville, N.C.  – January 9, 2013 – Envision Plastics, a pioneer in the post-consumer recycled resins industry, has found a new use for its recycled HDPE resin (high-density polyethylene plastic) pellets. The Duluth Children’s Museum (115 South 29th Avenue West, Duluth, MN) is now using Envision’s pellets in its permanent dinosaur dig site exhibit.

Funding for the dig site matrix was provided by the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation.  It is an area where visitors can uncover fossil casts, which are permanently attached to the dig site structure, and experience what it is like to be a paleontologist uncovering dinosaur bones. Once a week, the museum holds a “Friday Fossil Frenzy” where several real fossils are mixed in with the permanent fossils that can then be found, identified and taken home as souvenirs. 

Envision Plastics uses PRISMA™, their custom color match technology that can distinguish and sort up to 40 million shades of colored post-consumer recycled plastic to create the pellets used in the exhibit. The pellets are produced from curbside collected HDPE  bottles branded with the number “2” recycling symbol.  The plastic is cleaned without the use of chemicals through a process that also removes any volatiles that may have been absorbed along the way so the pellets are safe for children.

“We used light tan, grey and brown pellets in the exhibit since it is sand-like in terms of its look and is dust-free which is important as far as creating a safe environment for our visitors,” said Rich Jaworski, Vice President of Operations, Programs and Collections at the museum.  “The variety of color pellets available through Envision Plastics provided us the flexibility to achieve a look that would be natural and blend in with the rock of the structure already in place.”

In addition to being part of the exhibit, the museum plans to use the pellets to educate visitors about the recycling process that allows Envision Plastics to take post-consumer recycled plastic from curb-side bins to a  children’s museum exhibit safely.  Typically, companies use Envision’s pellets to make packaging for frozen foods, milk, juice, personal care products, vitamins and nutritional supplements.

“We are always happy to find new uses for our recycled resin,” said Envision Plastics Chief Operating Officer Scott Booth.  “Being part of a museum exhibit that teaches children about the past allows us to help educate them about the future and what a difference recycling one bottle can make.  We hope to connect with other companies who are looking to partner with Envision Plastics in new ways to educate about recycling, reduce their products’ carbon footprint or  achieve a sustainability goal.”

About Envision Plastics

Envision Plastics has been a pioneer in the post consumer recycled resins (HDPE) industry for over a decade.  As leaders in the next generation of recycling processes, Envision is the creator of a proprietary process called EcoPrime™ which produces the only FDA approved, food-grade recycled HDPE resin on the market that meets exacting sustainability standards for packaging.  Envision is also home to the exclusive color sorting process called Prisma™, which is capable of recognizing 40 million shades of color saving clients time, money and resources while reducing waste. Known for their expertise in plastics recycling production and design, Envision provides consulting services to assist clients in optimizing their production while minimizing materials. With locations in California and North Carolina, distribution across the country is cost-effective and convenient for clients. For more information about Envision Plastics, visit www.envisionplastics.com.

About Duluth Children’s Museum

Founded in 1930, the Duluth Children’s Museum is the fifth oldest children’s museum in the country. The Museum is committed to serving all children in the Duluth region, providing them a healthy, safe place to use their imagination, explore new ideas, develop social skills and learn through play. For more information about the Duluth Children’s Museum, visit www.duluthchildrensmuseum.org.


One thought on “Envision Plastics’ Recycled Resin Pellets Finds New Use at Duluth Children’s Museum

  1. What a fantastic idea – I’m sure kids would find that a lot of fun. I think it’s important that those in the plastics industry recognise they need to focus now on sustainability.

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