Drive Ditches Recycling Codes

There is a common misconception among consumers that the cashing arrows on the bottom of plastic products implies that the product can be recycled when in fact the number is meant to serve merely as an identification of the type of resin the material is made out of.  To learn more about what is being done to educate consumers and broaden recycling efforts read the original article from Plastics News.

One thought on “Drive Ditches Recycling Codes

  1. A few weeks ago we posted a link to an article entitled “Campaign Aims to Educate Consumers on Plastics Recycling.” We shared this article not because we agree with the idea being proposed but rather as a means to spark some debate. Surprisingly we have yet to see any dialogue. Although we do understand how the RIC numbers can create a layer of confusion for consumers we do also realize that this code is widely used by MRFs all over the country to sort polymers manually and that taking it away would create a great deal of complications for them. We also believe that eliminating the RIC would create significant fluctuations in the economics of plastics recycling as it would allow for more rapid resin switching. Now, we can only speculate on the effects that can result eliminating RICs but consider the issue to be of great importance for the plastics industry as a whole and would like to hear your opinions on the matter.

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