We’re Back

We’ve been awfully quiet for awhile; and for good reason. Demand for recycled HDPE has been very strong since the first of the year and we have had a difficult time keeping all of our valued customers supplied with resins. This increased demand has been remarkable since prices for curbside collected plastics continues to climb, reflecting our customers’ collective desire to make their products more sustainable while helping them meet their goals for reducing their carbon footprint on the planet.

At the same time, we have ramped up production of our EcoPrime, food grade, HDPE recycled resin and have been producing this new FDA approved resin every month. Acceptance has been excellent and we have been busy working with new and existing customers for their food packaging applications.

Also, we’ve been extremely busy; buying more baled scrap from waste haulers and municipalities than ever before, developing ever changing production schedules and just making the end product. We’re back now and we will be posting more articles about plastics recycling and increasing plastic recycled content in products.

As never before, we need to increase the amount of plastic being recycled. The demand for recycled content is growing. We need for more of it to be put in recycle bins and less into landfills.

Be on the lookout for our next post shortly.

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