Move Over Virgin Plastic Resin, Ecoprime™ FDA Grade Recycled Resin Now Available

REIDSVILLE, NC, January 19, 2011 – Envision Plastics announced today that it has fully ramped up production of its EcoPrime™ food grade recycled resin at its Reidsville, North Carolina plant.  EcoPrime™ is the only recycled HDPE plastic resin available in the U.S. to be cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in packaging foods and beverages.


“We have had the technology to produce EcoPrime™ for some years now” said Envision’s Vice President of Sales, Tamsin Ettefagh.  “But it has only been recently that demand from consumer products companies has really started to increase.  The growing emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility has motivated many companies to look at using recycled resins in applications where they would not have before, like food and beverage packaging.  With a 67% reduction in CO2 / Greenhouse Gas emissions over prime resin1, EcoPrime™ enables our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.”


EcoPrime™ is produced from curbside collected HDPE (#2) bottles.  The bottles are subjected to Envision’s proprietary and patented cleaning process that not only cleans the plastic but removes anything that could have been absorbed by the plastic as well, making EcoPrime™ the cleanest and purest recycled HDPE resin available.


“We will produce up to 18 million pounds of EcoPrime™ this year at our Reidsville, North Carolina plant, now that full production scale has been achieved” said Scott Booth, Envision’s Chief Operating Officer.  EcoPrime™ is now being used in packaging for nutritional supplements, beverages, food storage containers and some personal care products.  We expect to see even more products using EcoPrime™ in the near future as many companies are currently testing EcoPrime™ for use in their packaging.”


Since acceptance of EcoPrime™ for food and beverage packaging is growing, Envision is already planning a capacity expansion for an additional 18 million pounds at its Chino, California plant in late 2011 to keep up with overwhelming demand.  “We are excited to be able to help our customers with new and innovative products” said Booth.  EcoPrime™ will make food and beverage packaging more environmentally friendly while helping us keep bottles out of landfills.”

About Envision Plastics

Envision Plastics is a leading recycler of curbside collected plastic bottles.  Through the use of its proprietary and patented technologies, Envision produces a wide range of recycled resins, including EcoPrime, the only FDA approved HDPE recycled resin available in North America and PRISMA custom, color sorted recycled resins.  These recycled resins are used by some of the largest converters and consumer products companies in the country allowing them to reduce the carbon footprint of their products and helping them achieve their sustainability goals.  Envision is the only plastic recycler with national reach with plants in Chino, California and Reidsville, North Carolina.  Learn more at

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1  According to the Franklin Associates’ Life Cycle Inventory of 100% Postconsumer HDPE and PET Recycled Resin from Postconsumer Containers and Packaging, dated 4/7/2010