Welcome To The Inaugural Posting On Envision Plastics Blog!

As the industry leader in providing recycled HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) materials to leading consumer product industries, we want to provide timely information useful to consumers, manufacturers and legislative stake holders through this blog. Reuse of Post Consumer Resins (PCR) is one of the fastest growing opportunities for slowing down the waste going to our landfills, reducing green house gases and reducing our dependency on foreign oil for virgin plastics production.

In 2008, per the EPA, in the 2008 data tables, Table 7, The US generated 750,000 tons of HDPE for the Municipal Solid Waste Stream. 220,000 tons, 29.3% was recovered through recycling programs before it entered the landfill, but that still leaves 530,000 tons, 70.7% that will sit in the landfill forever.

Through this blog, we plan to address 3 key areas:

  1. Educate on current issues in PCR
  2. Provide clarification or additional information on issues related to PCR that may not have been presented accurately or been told the complete story by parties with vested interests
  3. Introduce benefits of using PCR


Some of the topics we expect to cover in upcoming posts include:

–          Recent legislative activities

  • North Carolina landfill bottle ban
  • California plastic bag ban
  • Kentucky, the only state mandating clear and differentiating identification of #2 and #7’s

–          Why biodegradable and oxydegradeable plastic resins may not be the best option and what they do to the recycling stream today.

–          Bioplastics as an alternative fuel source has possibilities, but have all the aspects been researched enough?

–          The supply of recyclable plastics has not been fully utilized. A look at mining landfills to get more plastics to recycle and other sources

–          What are the export dynamics/opportunities of plastics to other parts of the world?

–          Look at Franklin LCI information that compares virgin to PCR – we will explain the cut-off method and loop methods

–          Introduce new Envision Plastics product and service offerings here first!

–          Provide in-depth information on how some of our clients are utilizing PCR in their products.

Our next blog post topic will be on 3 Reasons Why NC’s 2009 Ban on Plastic Bottles to the Landfill is Crucial for Business Success.

We welcome any other topics you wish to see or your comment on our posts.

Need more information? Envision Plastics Vice President of Sales and Purchasing, Tamsin Ettefagh will be happy to discuss your comments or concerns in greater depth. Contact her at 336/342-4749 Ext 225.

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